ICG (International Capital Group) has been investing for nearly 30 years and was formally founded in 1983.

ICG assists busy people to build a strong financial future.

Most people are too busy to truly create a powerful foundation for becoming financially independent and for achieving major life goals, such as: sending their kids to college and retiring well.

ICG utilizes one of the most powerful investment tools, real estate, to enable you to build a safe, secure estate, which can achieve all your life goals.

ICG uses single-family home investments, bought in advantageous locations and in the best U.S. markets. The houses are bought using as little as 10%- 20% down payments for qualified investors. Some of the loans obtained on these houses are fixed-rate which means the loan payment never changes with the cost of living (even though everything else does!). This combination of leverage and fixed-rate financing helps you build a bigger estate – faster and safer… Read More


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